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Top Wellness Products to Watch in 2024

With a new year comes new goals, new priorities and the chance to better yourself in the coming months. When you think of wellbeing, you might just be eating healthily and going to the gym – both of which are fantastic – but there are a host of products designed to elevate your wellbeing too. From mood boosters, to fitness apparel, to mind-blowing matcha, we’ve got you covered this January and beyond.

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Yuvãfy Collagen Box, £39

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This box of daily collagen supplements from Yuvãfy will help support collagen production, making your skin look glowing and radiant in 2024. This box of 15 delicious blood orange, ginger and raspberry flavoured sachets are ideal for that all-important wellness boost.

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Matcha Please Matcha Latte Sachets

Matcha Please is an exciting new brand to look out for in 2024, as they’ve crafted a delicious range of matcha that is made from high-quality ingredients and easy to prepare when you’re on the go. Unlike some other brands that are sold in large quantity containers and need to be prepared with a whisk, Matcha Please offers their range in single serve sachets that require nothing more than boiling water and a gentle stir. For an iced matcha, you can prepare a single serve sachet, let it and simply pour over ice in a thermos or travel cup to go. The brand’s bright pink packaging is a prime example of their USP. The historical tradition of high-quality matcha with a bold, new twist.

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Ordo Hydro Sonic Water Flosser, £44.99

An exciting new product for Ordo’s range, this water flosser utilises the power of hydro-kinetic technology to effectively blast away plaque and any food debris that lurks in the gum line or between teeth. It can offer up to 2000 water pulsations per minute, has a 360 degree nozzle rotation for targeted cleaning and three pressure settings.

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Lovendu Wellbeing Journal, £22

From self-affirmations to practicing gratitude, journaling is one of the best ways to improve your wellness. Lovendu’s beautiful Wellbeing Journal has been thoughtfully crafted and designed to improve your mental wellbeing by providing a space for you to mentally unwind and reflect. 

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Qoph World Immunity Booster, £27.95

Thanks to products like Qoph’s Immunity boosting blend, you can work hard and play hard without compromising on your health and wellbeing. This delicious nutritional drink is made from a curated blend of plants and mushrooms which helps stimulate and boost your body’s immune response as well as maintaining healthy skin, blood, bones and more. 

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Erbology Lavender and Rose Water Bundle, £24.69

Not only do they smell divine, the Lavender and Rosewater bundle from Erbology really packs a punch when it comes to wellness and relaxation. Use it on your skin for radiance, drop on to your pillow for the sweetest dreams or add a drop or two into a cup of tea to really catch some zen vibes.

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Seek Self Men’s Wellness Journal, £20

From goal setting to stress-relieving prompts, the wellness journal from Seek Self is a handy journaling tool for men to help boost their mental wellbeing. Chock-full of inspirational quotes and dedicated spaces to track feelings, thoughts and activities, this journal is a superb gift for any of the men in your life.

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Trimbella Nutritional Shakes

Offering women meal-replacement shakes that not only taste amazing but are packed full of goodness and nutrients with natural ingredients. Their Chocolate Shake contains 24 essential vitamins and minerals and their Banana Shake uses natural ingredients to provide a boost of sweetness.

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Circe Yoga Strawberry Pink Hera Leggings

These gorgeous 75% recycled nylon, 25% spandex leggings are non-see-through, high-waist, true to size, and offer a seamless front, full support, and durability – all whilst using recycled material. These superior leggings come in a range of colours – the strawberry pink being one of our favourites.

Which of these wellbeing products for 2024 are your favourite? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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