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10 Benefits of a hot water bottle

We all know the benefits of a hot water bottle involve raising our temperature on a cold day, but what other benefits does a hot water bottle hold? It can help relieve stress, you may get a better night’s sleep and it helps aid digestion alongside other things. In fact, hot water bottles are great at supporting your immune system and they are very affordable. 

There is nothing better than holding your hot water bottle tight on a cold winter’s night. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a hot water bottle – you may be surprised at some of the benefits.

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Benefits of a hot water bottle

10 benefits of a hot water bottle

Reduce back pain

Back pain is very common and can cause a lot of discomfort when you are struggling with it. One simple method to help alleviate the pain is to use a hot water bottle to reduce the distress. The warmth from the water can help relax muscles and provide relief – this can be very helpful after a run.

Fill up a hot water bottle and place it under the area that is sore for 15-30 minutes, several times a day. Try not to overheat the hot water bottle as you don’t want to burn yourself with it. 

Help with stress

After a busy stressful day at work, a hot water bottle can help take the pressure away. It’s a simple method that can help alleviate stress. Simply fill a bottle up and relax on a sofa, enjoying the heat it provides. When using a hot water bottle, try to combine it with other self-care strategies, such as meditation or deep breathing techniques. If you find yourself suffering from stress, we would also recommend looking into mindfulness meditation as this has many benefits – running is also a great stress relief. 

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Hot water bottles are affordable 

Using a hot water bottle can save you money and they are affordable. 

With the cost of living going up, we are all looking for ways to save money and a hot water bottle can do just that. Most major retailers will stock hot water bottles at a reasonable price and the obvious benefit of a hot water bottle is that it will keep you warm.

Consider using a hot water bottle instead of turning up your heating as they are a great way to warm up your body temperature on a cold day. 

Reduce muscle pain

If you find your muscles feeling sore after a workout or a sports session, a hot water bottle can relieve the discomfort. It’s something we do a lot after a workout and we instantly feel the benefits. Applying heat to a sore muscle helps increase the temperature in that area which helps improve the circulation. This can help reduce the damage done to the muscle as well as relax and reduce any discomfort. You may have heard of heat therapy, under this hot water bottles are discussed as a benefit. 

Warm up your bed 

When the weather is cold outside, the cold will get inside your home and there is nothing worse than getting into a cold bed at night and having a bad night’s sleep.

30 minutes before you go to bed, fill up a hot water bottle and place it under your covers. This is the ideal way to raise the temperature under your covers and give you a toasty warm bed before getting in it. 

A warm bed will help relieve stress, reduce any aches and pains you may have as well as provide a better night’s sleep – it’s important you get 7-9 hours a day and warming your bed might help you get a better night’s sleep.

Ear aches 

If you have ever experienced an earache, you are familiar with the excruciating pain it can cause. The agony is unbearable, and you would go to great lengths to avoid it. However, studies have shown that applying heat can alleviate discomfort and provide a sense of relief. The warmth not only reduces the pain but also brings a certain level of comfort, making you feel a bit more composed despite the pain.

Aid with digestion

One of the benefits of a hot water bottle that is favourable is that it helps aid with digestion. 

Many people suffer from a bloated stomach if they eat too much or consume from a certain food group. This bloating can be uncomfortable and affect your confidence. By applying the heat from a water bottle after eating, you can increase hydrochloric acid production, helping your digestion. 

IBS is also something that a lot of people suffer from, which a hot water bottle can help with. The heat can help to relax your muscles and ease any discomfort you may be experiencing. 

Help you when feeling sick 

During the winter months, it’s not uncommon for us to start to feel under the weather. Often bugs will go around, which can cause us to feel coldy, congested and exhausted. 

To help comfort this sickness, a hot water bottle is a very useful tool. The heat not only helps with comfort but the heat can also help soothe any congestion that has built up in your chest. By reducing the congestion, you will find yourself breathing more clearly and getting a better night’s sleep. 

Use it as an ice pack

You may not know this and it may come as a surprise, a hot water bottle can actually be used as an ice pack.

Instead of using boiling water in your hot water bottle, fill it up to the halfway point with cold water and then place it in the freezer for a few hours to freeze. Once frozen, you can then use it to soothe any injuries that require cold treatment instead of hot.

Water your plants

We know what you are thinking “How is watering your plants a benefit” and you are right. However, we wanted to bring it to your attention that you don’t need to waste the water inside the hot water bottle once you are done with it. Instead of pouring the water down the sink once you are done, try to reuse it by watering your plants with it.

Summary: The benefits of a hot water bottle 

In summary, there are many benefits of a hot water bottle. 

You’ll not only find a hot water bottle helps with digestion, muscle pain and ear aches, but they also help heat up your bed and are very affordable – especially when you see your electricity bill go down a bit. 

When using a hot water bottle, always follow the instructions supplied and make sure you do not overfill or overheat it, it goes without saying, boiling water is very hot! Make sure the stopper is screwed on properly and don’t overdo the use of it. Try to use a hot water bottle in sessions. 

We hope these benefits of a hot water bottle have given you some insight into why you should use one. What benefits do you know of that we haven’t included? Why do you use a hot water bottle? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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