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6 badminton backpack designs for you to discover

When it comes to playing badminton, an essential piece of gear that you will need at one point is a badminton backpack – once you’ve played for longer you may look into a badminton bag. A badminton backpack often holds around 2 rackets, can be easily transported when going to play a game of badminton and tends to be more practical than the larger badminton bags that are over the shoulder. 

A badminton backpack can hold your accessories when going to play like your phone, wallet and keys as well as badminton shoes and shuttlecocks. You may also choose to store your clothes in the bag, especially if you are planning on playing straight after work and need to change. 

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Due to their small design, you can easily store a badminton backpack in a cupboard at home as it doesn’t take up much space – the length of a badminton racket means you need to cater for the height of the racket handle. 

Below we have put together a guide on 6 badminton backpack designs for you to discover. 

Yonex Pro Badminton Backpack S 

Badminton Backpack Yonex

The premium badminton backpack by Yonex is lightweight, spacious and can fit two badminton rackets within. It features a water bottle pocket, shoe pocket and the straps are easily adjustable for a comfortable fit. You’ll have no problem fitting your badminton racket in the bag, alongside your clothing and accessories. The reflectors are an added bonus helping you be seen when leaving your evening badminton sessions. Available in two different colours, tango red and black – we love the black design.

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Price: £39.99

Carlton Airblade Backpack

Carlton Backpack

Coming at a very similar price to the Yonex Pro Badminton Backpack, this Carlton Airblade design is a very popular carry bag. It has a superior capacity of 27 litres, allowing it to hold your shoes, clothing and badminton accessories. Inside the bag, there are multiple pockets for you to store your phone, wallet and keys when playing. Choose the right colour for you, with the backpack coming in black & orange or yellow & black. This bag can comfortably carry two badminton rackets at the same time.
Price: £28.38

Babolat Pure Strike Backpack

Babolat Pure Strike Backpack

Babolat has been supporting badminton players for many years now, so it’s no surprise that they have a good selection of badminton backpacks for you to choose from. One, in particular, that is very popular is the Babolat Pur Strike Backpack. This badminton backpack is great for intermediate players as well as more advanced ones. It can hold up to three different rackets when required and has a lockable zip puller to keep your phone and valuable items in. Keep your trainers safe in the shoe compartment and know people can see you when in the dark due to its reflective prints – ideal after a late session playing badminton.
Price: £53.86


Li Ning Badminton Backpack

This affordable backpack by Li-Ning is both ideal for badminton use as well as out and about in everyday life. It has a very simple design that is effective and discrete. Inside, you’ll find several compartments to store your accessories in as well as a shoe compartment for your badminton trainers. The padded shoulders on the straps make the Li-Ning bag comfortable to carry for longer periods when going to play a game of badminton after work. It’s easy to store in a cupboard at home and lightweight to carry around on your back.
Price: £30.64

Victor Rucksack 

Victor Rucksack

Sitting at the £35 price point, the Victor Rucksack has everything to be an effective badminton bag week in and week out. It’s a unique design when compared to other bags, and is made very appealing due to its multiple functionalities. For example, it features a shoe compartment, a separate racket compartment, two outer compartments for shuttlecocks and drink bottles and shoulder straps that are easily adjustable. There is ample space to hold your racket, making it easy to place it and pull it out when using.
Price: £38.06

Wilson Roland Garros Team Backpack

Wilson Roland Garros Team Backpack

The Wilson Roland Garros Team Backpack is arguably the most classiest bag on the list. Yes, you may be thinking this bag is dedicated to tennis, however, it also makes for a great badminton backpack and for everyday use. At the back of the bag, it has a 2-racket compartment with locking zips. Within the main compartment, you have ample space for your sports gear – you can fit a laptop in it if you are planning on playing straight after work. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable for comfortable carrying. The two side pockets can comfortably fit two water bottles, or badminton shuttlecocks or one of each.
Price: £37.50

Badminton is a great sport, ideal for getting you active and meeting new people. As soon as you purchase a new badminton backpack, you’ll want to get out and start playing as soon as possible – I know I did!

Which of the above six badminton backpacks are your favourite? Have we missed on that you think should be included? Did you end up purchasing one from our list above? Let us know in the comment box below.

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